IELTS exam in the UK – January 2009 (Academic Module)

R.S from the UK has kindly sent me this update after her Academic IELTS exam. Here’s what they had:

Listening test

The tasks were quite easy but I don’t think I answered the questions perfectly. Well, nobody’s perfect anyway 🙂

Reading test

The reading passages were difficult.
Passage 1 was about Tea Discovery
Passage 2 and 3 – I can’t remember the topics but I found them difficult, especially the last 2 parts of the test.

Writing Test

Writing Task 1 (report)
We had a bar graph about the percentage of unemployment in EU between 1996-2002 (all workers, manual and professional workers)

Writing Task 2 (essay)
Manual jobs are being done by sophisticated machines. Does the positive effects outweigh the negative effects?

Speaking test

1. Tell me your full name.
2. Are you a student or you work?
3. What is your work?
4. Do you enjoy your work?

Cue card
Topic:About Photography
1. What, when and who did the photograph?
2. Did you dislike or like the photograph you saw?

Followup questions to part 2:
1. Is photography important to you?
2. Do you agree that it is important to take all photos?(I answered yes, even on sad days)
3. So the examiner asked if I took sad photographs? Do you practice it in your country?

Another Discussion topics:

1. Is birthday important to you? How did you celebrate birthdays?
2. Is birthday more important to kids or to adults?
3. What National Museum do you like? What museums have you visited when you were little?
4. In your country what are the common photos taken by the artist?

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