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IELTS exam in the Philippines – June 2009 (Academic Module)

Here is what IELTS in the Philippines was like – thanks to J who remembered all the important details.

Listening test

Section 1: Police report. A lady was reporting a robbery that happened in her home. We just have to jot down some details about the incident. It was the easiest part.

Section 2 : Parts of a water heater and location of some household items. We were asked to identify the parts and we were given some multiple choice questions. This section was the most confusing. I have to re-read the questions 3 times!

Sections 3&4 : I can’t exactly remember the topics but they were a lot less confusing than in section 2. Overall impression – quite easy.

Reading test

Part 1: transport improvements in the UK and European Union (the hardest of the three for me).
Part 2: parrots in Australia (relatively easy).
Part 3: Voynich manuscript (moderately easy and the passage was interesting).

Writing test

Writing Task 1
We were given 2 maps of a certain college campus. The first one was the map of the campus in 1955 and the second illustrated the changes and developments after 50 years (2005).

Writing Task 2
Developed countries give aid to developing nations. Some think financial support is enough while others believe that help should be given out in the form of practical aid and advice. Discuss each view and give your opinion.

Speaking Test

– Tell me your full name
– What should I call you?
– Do you work or do you study?
– Is it an easy job?
– Do you use machines at work?
– Do you think its going to change in the future?
– Do you like writing letters?
– What do you prefer, to receive letters or telephone calls?

Cue card
You should speak about how you achieved success and mention
– what did you do?
– when was it?
– why did you choose this?
– do you consider yourself successful?

– What should people do to achieve success?
– But there are some people who do not achieve success despite having what you’ve just said. Why do you think that is?
– What do you think of society’s perception of success?
– And you do not think the same?

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