IELTS exam in Sri Lanka – November 2008 (General Training), part 2

This is the rest of IELTS in Sri Lanka, read part one (Listening and Reading tests) here.

Writing test

Task 1 (Letter)
You are bored with the day-time programs broadcast by a TV channel. Write a letter to manager of the TV channel saying what are the programs, why you are bored and what kind of programs that can be used replace day-time of the TV channel.

This is a fairly easy topic. I have written the letter in 4 paragraphs.

Task 2 (Essay)

Nowadays people are becoming less and less polite. What is you opinion.

This is a crappy topic and I really hate to write about this. Rather I would like to write about something like leisure, sports, arts, environment, obesity, biology, or economy. But I have seen a trend that IELTS is now focusing bit more towards socio-economic issues than others.

I’d like to say that I really respect the people who are kind enough to share their IELTS exam questions and easy topics on the blog. They were really helpful in shaping up my vocabulary, topics arsenal and sharpening the awareness.

I really loved the sample essay sections with categorized examples under band scores.

Speaking test

At last I have completed the IELTS exams today. I had the General Training Exam paper on last week, but my speaking test was scheduled to be held at British Council today, so I had to wait 7 extra days to see an end of the exam and to get rid of this burden.

I got a local language speaker as the examiner. However, some of my friends claimed having a native language speaker (foreigner) is much easier, since they have better understanding of the poor student in front of them trying to speak in an unfamiliar language. But, I consider the brighter side of having a local examiner by looking at their familiar accent.

Exam started as usual asking my name in full and talking about where I am from. Then she moved in to the real stuff after switching on the tape recorder.

– Describe where you live.
– Tell me about the location.
– How long have you been living there?
– Why do you like to live there?
– What you do in your spare time?
– What do you like to do in your leisure?
– Is there anything that you do not like about your leisure?

And she kept on shooting me one question after another. Well, I feel like she shot me too many questions, but did not allow me to add details to her question. So guys, be prepared for disturbances.


The card was a fiasco!!!
I had to describe about a memorable sport event either I have took part or participated as a viewer.

– What is the event/sport.
– Where it held, who played on the event?
– Why do you like it so much?


The last part is about few questions about my views. Again shooting of questions.

Are there any other activities other than sports you have participated during school days?
Do you consider it is a good thing to reward students for activities like such?
What do you think about advantages and disadvantages about rewarding students at class room?

Well that was the end of the exam. I thanked her before I left. I feel lighter now. IELTS is over.

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