IELTS exam in Singapore – May 2009 (Academic Module)

A friend from Singapore reports about her Academic IELTS exam, here is what she remembers:

Writing test

Writing Task 1
We had a bar chart and a line graph about percentage of people who smoke in one of the European countries and we had to compare the two graphs.

Writing Task 2
Some people find visiting museums boring as a form of entertainment, while others believe that the role of museums is to educate people, not entertain. Discuss, what is your opinion?

Speaking test

In this part my examiner asked me about myself and my hometown.

Cue card
Describe a dress that you wore to a ceremony, you should say:
– Do you have a photograph with that dress on?
– How did you feel about wearing that dress?

– What is your view of wearing uniforms in workplaces?
– Could you name workplaces that require uniform?
– Which way of communication do you prefer: receiving letters, emails or phone calls?

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