IELTS exam in Philippines – March 2009 (Academic Module)

A generous student from Philippines sent me the topics from her Academic IELTS exam. Thanks, E!

Writing test

Writing Task 1 (report)
We had two bar charts, one was about the trade between Australia and China and the other was on imports from China to Australia.

Writing Task 2 (essay)
Some people think that music has a significant role in the society. Others think that its just a form of entertainment, comment on both views.

Speaking test

– Where do you come from?
– What do you like or enjoy doing and why?
– When was the last time you were on holidays?
– When you are on holidays what do you like to do?
– What things do you avoid doing?

Cue Card
– What would you like to buy in the future?
– Do you think you will have enough money to buy it?

– Have you ever made something and given it to a friend?
– On what occasions do you give gifts?
– Is it right to give expensive gifts? If so, why?
– Do you think you people are good at shopping?
– How much time do they spend on shopping?
– Why is time important when shopping?
– What form of advertising is the best?
– Are discounts a good way of promotion and why?
– Do you think that businesses should advertise?

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