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IELTS exam in Peru – October 2008 (General Training)

Let’s all thank our pal R. from Peru for telling us about his General IELTS exam. Here’s what he remembers:


I can’t remember well the topics from my listening exam, it passed too quickly! I have problems with my listening skills, I practice a lot and I read a lot of tips, however, I constantly have trouble and misunderstandings in the Listening section.


Passage 3 was about the importance to learn a foreign language, here is a little summary: “Children tend to have more abilities to resolve problems and develop their knowledge of many languages as compared to adults, they used to be more intelligent and adapt to foreign cultures. However, some people in New Zealand think that children shouldn’t learn another language because it means loss of their culture”.


Task 1 (Letter)
Write a letter to apply for a position to look after a house in Scotland where the owners are going away. Provide personal details, what qualities you have for this position and ask for information.

Task 2 (Essay)
“There are many technology games which have replaced the toys or traditional games. Why do you think it has happened?. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this situation?”.


I had to talk about music, the questions were:

  • Where people find music?
  • What kind of people like music?
  • How important is the technology for the music?

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