IELTS exam in Melbourne, Australia – November 2009 (Academic Module)

IELTS test in Melbourne, Australia was described by R. (thank you so much!) who remembered it very well, the information is pretty accurate. Here is what the exam was like:

Listening Test

Section 1: A conversation regarding booking a trip.
Section 2: Introduction to a workplace.
Section 3: A discussion about universities between two students and a counselor.
Section 4: A student was talking about a transport project.
Questions: Filling in gaps, multiple choice.

Reading Test

Passage 1: The History of Tea.
Questions: Assign names to the paragraphs, match phrases to paragraphs.

Passage 2: Why the trees go red during autumn.
Questions: True/False/Not given, short-answer questions (using one word).

Passage 3: Regarding stimulating the brain to avoid aging.
Questions: Headings matching, multiple choice questions.

Writing test

Writing task 1 (a report)
The report was about a table and it was showing the different kinds of fuel used during 1990,1996 and 200n in the UK.

Writing task 2 (an essay)
Some people think that professionals like doctors, nurses or teachers should be paid more than sport and entertainment people. Discuss, what is your opinion?

Speaking test

– What is you name?
– Do you work or study?
– Was there any training involved in your job?
– Do you enjoy your job?
– What are your plans for the future?

– Do you like reading magazines or newspapers?
– What kind of articles do you read?
– Have you ever read a foreign newspaper?
– Do you think its good to read newspapers to learn a new language?

Cue card
Talk about your favorite shop, you should say:
– Where it is located,
– How you came to know about it,
– What they sell there.

– Do you like shopping?
– Do you think that people go for shopping when they are upset?
– What do you think, are men’s shopping habits different women’s?
– Do you think it is important to save?
– How would you encourage the society to save money?
– Do you think adults save more money than children do?
– Should schools implant some kind of saving scheme?

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