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IELTS exam in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – March 2009 (General Training)

The information below came from a kind person who took IELTS is Saudi Arabia and wishes to remain anonymous – never mind, thanks anyway!

Listening test

The topics I remember were about hiking on holidays. The majority of questions were indirect, meaning you need to paraphrase the answer and there were lots of multiple choice questions (very hard). The speed of speaking is a little bit faster than in Cambridge IELTS 5.

Reading test

The passages I remember were about IWEB and a student at on-the-job training agency. Then there was a piece about sample student profile (A to F) of 6 students, the questions were multiple choice. Then there was a passage about ants in Australia (more on indirect questions meaning, the passage needs to be understood to find the answer).

Writing test

Writing task 1 (letter)
Write a letter to your bank manager stating that you cannot attend the appointment you set due to personal reason:
a. state the reason of appointment
b. state the details of appointment
c. state why you couldn’t make it
d. state when you wanted to resume the appointment

Writing task 2 (essay)
Advertisements of toys and fast food nowadays are usually aiming at children. Some say that this has a negative effect on children as well as their family. Do you agree or disagree?

Speaking test

– Tell me something about yourself
– Tell me about your house/apartment
– Do you like traveling?
– Where do you want to travel?
– Can you tell me about a particular place where you like traveling to?
– What other places do you want to see?
– Can you tell me what mediums of advertisements there are in your country?

Cue card
What advertisement made you want it and made you buy it?
– where did you see the advertisement?
– what happened after you bought the advertised product.

– Do you think advertisement should be aiming at children?
– Do you think advertisements should be regulated?

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