IELTS exam in Italy and Kuwait – May 2009 (Academic Module)

It looks like IELTS exams was the same in Italy and Kuwait, according to what A and S are saying in their emails. Thanks a lot, guys, and here are the topics (make sure you read about the 2 different versions of the Speaking test).

Listening test

Section 1: a questioner for a residence association.
Section 2: a talk about wreck diving.
Section 3: two students talking about their research protect.
Section 4: a lecture about marine animals.

Note: This listening test looks to me the same as this one in Namibia.

Reading test

Passage 1: about Olympic Torch.
Passage 2: about socializing in children.
Passage 3: about violin and how it is made.

Writing test

Writing Task 1 (report)
We had 2 line graphs about the number of men & women voters in a European country. The two graphs were comparing data about local and international elections. Data was also compared by gender.

Writing Task 2 (essay)
We should invent a new language to communicate with people all over the world. Discuss whether the benefits outweigh the problems. Give your opinion.

Speaking test

Option 1 (Kuwait)

– What is your name?
– Where do you work?
– Is your job interesting?
– Do you go to parties?
– Do you go with family or friends?
– What is the difference in young people’s & old people’s party?

Cue card
Talk about a dress which you wore on a special occasion, you should say
– What dress was it?
– When did you wear it?
– Why you did you like the dress?

Then I was asked some follow up questions about fashion, uniforms, etc.

Option 2 (Italy)

– What is your full name?
– Are you a student or a worker?
– Do you like travel? Why?
– Where did you travel recently?
– Do you like going out with some friends?
– Where do you usually go?
– Do you prefer going out with a group or with only one or two people?

Cue card
Describe a speech you heard recently, you should say:
– Where was it?
– Who was the speaker?
– What was the main purpose of this speech?

– What do you think are the most important qualities for a good speaker?
– Do you prefer a speech or a one on one discussion?

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