IELTS exam in Holland- November 2008 (Academic Module)

Thanks to our friend O from Holland we know this much about their recent Academic exam:

Writing test

Task 1 (Report)
There were 3 pie charts about spending of university students. The graphs showed a breakdown of living costs, accommodation, leisure activities, other.

Task 2 (Essay)
People nowadays are changing often their job and place of residence because of their career. In your opinion is this a positive development or a negative development.

Speaking test

Where do you live?
Are you studying or working?
What kind of activities you like to do most?

Describe an event you enjoyed to watch. You should say:
– What kind of event it was
– Who with did you watch the event
– Where did you watch the event
– Explain why it was such a great event

What sort of things can make older people happy in their late years and why?
Did you like your secondary school teachers?
Do you want to become a teacher later in life?

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