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IELTS exam in Bangladesh – November 2008 (Academic Module)

Thanks to 2 students from Bangladesh for telling us about the Academic exams they just had. Here goes:

Writing test

Task 1 (Report)
We had 3 pie charts about the amount of money spend annually by university students in three countries. They named countries A,B,C and used 3 pie charts (Books,Accommodation,Leisure,other, in each pie chart.)

Task 2 (Essay)
People nowadays change their careers and place of residence frequently instead of confining in one place. Give your opinion whether it is positive or negative for development? Describe with evidence and examples with you own experiences.

Speaking test

Do you go on holidays frequently?
When do you like to go for holiday?
Do your friends go on holidays?
What do you do on the holidays?
Do you think you want to avoid some works in the holidays?
Do you go to parties?
Is going to parties useful?
Which season you like most? Why?
What do you prefer cool weather or hot weather?
Why do you not like hot weather?

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