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Online IELTS Course – sign up here

Welcome to our new online IELTS course!

Let me explain in a few words what it’s all about. This course was prepared especially to help people raise their IELTS score. The way it will help students increase their score is completely new, has never been talked or written about before by anybody else.

We all know how important it is to influence your examiner in a positive way, to make a good impression, to help them appreciate your work. In other words, your score largely depends on your image in the assessor’s eyes.

This course will show you how your assessors are thinking, what they are looking at, and how you can build a positive image of yourself in their minds.

How to join

The course is free and everyone is invited. Enter your first name and your email, click “Subscribe” and go check your email for lessons. The lessons are brilliant and will do amazing things for your IELTS score if you study and implement them.

I value your privacy, your e-mail is safe with me.

Here is what you will learn:

Lesson #1: How to create a positive, psychological impression on your IELTS assessors.

Lesson #2: How to write a Task 1 report that will impress your assessors (Academic Module).

Lesson #3: How to write a Task 1 letter that will impress your assessors (General Training Module)

Lesson #4: How to write a Task 2 essay that will influence your assessors positively (Academic and General).

Lesson #5: How to improve your Speaking test score by connecting with your assessor.

Lesson #6: How to optimize your performance in the Listening and Reading tests.

Let’s get you signed up!

169 thoughts on “Online IELTS Course – sign up here”

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  9. I think vocabulary is an essential part of the essay as well as a speaking task. provide a listening section with the answer and try to make fill up the blank option so students can fill the blanks and they can do practice by smart phone😁👌

  10. Hello sir!
    I require a minimum 7 bands in each module..
    But I get stuck in 6.5 in writing each time I appear in the exam…
    Kindly help me to switch to 7 in writing … I will be grateful to you.


  11. Sometimes if you copy-paste your email address, you add a white space either before or after it, and then the system says your email address is incorrect. Make sure there are no spaces around your email address. We subscribed you manually and it worked – please click on the activation link you received to your inbox.

  12. Hello dear Sir or mam
    M always lacking in reading and writing can you please help me in these module.

  13. Hi Karmjit, to raise above band 6.5 you need to find out what you typical mistakes are now, and work to eliminate them. It can be done by analysing your performance in every skill (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking) and making a list of things you get wrong, so that you can pay special attention to them when you practice.

  14. I want to do ielts in general training. I have to need improve speaking and writing skills .how can I improve my writing skills and speaking skills.

  15. Hi Harpreet, when you can’t get improvement in Speaking and Writing studying on your own, teacher’s feedback can help. If you don’t know anyone local, check our our online writing correction and speaking assessment services here. If using a teacher isn’t possible because you don’t have time or it’s hard financially, you can go over high-scoring IELTS writing samples and try to get the level of your own writing as close to them as possible. In Speaking preparation is key – get a list of the recent IELTS questions, think how you would answer them, perhaps even write down some answers, practice in front of the mirror until you get fluent and feel relaxed when you’re talking.

  16. Greetings
    I always lag in speaking, however I get 8 and 7 in other modules. Would u pls guide me to score this time.

  17. Hi Ranjit
    Thank you for all you are doing for me. My exam will take place on May the 21 but actually I’m not ready in all as this is not my nature language.

    How to fix my e-mail ?
    Many thanks.

  18. Hi Jeanette, when you enter your email address check there are no white spaces accidentally added before or after it. When you enter just the email address in the form, your subscription will work.

  19. Hello Mam, how can l add that email in address book or contact list. Without it I don’t able to receive mails. So, Please reply me mam

  20. Am trying to subscribe too,
    It keeps saying email invalid.
    I tried two of my emails,same message..
    Kindly review

  21. Hello.. It s very hard to get books of set 1 to 6 and though it is bit costly… So is there any downloadable material could you provide so its better for people like me… I must say these books are one of the best material for real ielts papper.

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