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Things about the IELTS test people fear the most

Many students are writing to me and sharing their worst fears about the IELTS exam, and guess what – there are several things about IELTS that scare almost everyone. Being afraid of an exam is anything but productive, which is why we need to deal with it and make that fear go away.

Basically there are 5 things people are afraid of the most:

1) Missing answers in the Listening Module

2) Not having enough time in the Reading or the Writing sections

3) Having no ideas for an essay

4) Saying the wrong thing

5) Having nothing to say when the examiner is asking a question

I have a guest article published in IELTS section of where I explain in detail how to deal with each and every one of those fears. Read it (click here) and learn how to get them out of the way of your success.

Good luck to everyone!

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