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Today I’d like to share some unusual kind of tips – short videos with some useful tips for IELTS preparation. These were made by British Council in Sri Lanka and can serve you as both tips and listening practice. I was amazed by the quality and just couldn’t keep them to myself. Enjoy!

IELTS Reading, tip #1

“Looking at the title, the picture and the questions for a passage will prepare you for what you’re going to read.”

IELTS Reading, tip #2

“Don’t waste too much time on one answer. If you find it difficult, continue to the next questions and come back if you have time.”

IELTS Listening, tip #1

“Check your spelling, as you will be penalized for mistakes.”

IELTS Listening, tip #2

“Underlining keywords in the questions will help you focus when you are listening.”

IELTS Writing, tips # 1

“Write the correct amount of words – not too few and not too many. Look at the number in task instructions and count the number of words you’ve written.”

IELTS Writing, tips # 2

“Timing is important – spend 20 minutes on task 1 and 40 minutes on task 2”.

IELTS Speaking, tip #1

“Talk to yourself on a variety of topics, record yourself and listen back to see if you sound interested. To sound interested, practice in stressing the keywords.”

IELTS Speaking, tip #2

“It’s OK to ask the examiner to repeat the question. You won’t lose marks for doing so”.

IELTS Speaking, tip #3

“Watch the tense in the examiner’s question – it will give you an idea what tense to use in your answer.”

Note: the people filmed here are most likely professional actors, but the tips come from real IELTS candidates who achieved high scores.

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