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IELTS in India – online registration and free books available

British Council in India has impressed me very much, I think that Indian IELTS candidates are very lucky. If you haven’t heard already, here is how they help people with their IELTS exam preparation:

Firstly, you can register for the exam online and reserve a seat for the date you need. Click here for online registration.

Secondly, you get access to free resources with your registration. They are located here and this page here explains about the exam preparation.

Thirdly, after you’ve taken the exam, you can get your results also online, all you need to do is to choose your exam date, the city and your passport number. Click here to check your score online.

I wish more countries were doing the same for their IELTS candidates. If you know of a similar service in your country – please let me know. Leave a comment on this post or use this contact form to send me an email and thanks for your help!

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