Beware of the IELTS

What you are about to read originally came to me as a comment, but I thought that it deserves more attention, so to make sure no one misses it I am posting it here:

“Hi all,
Just appeared for my IELTS exams this weekend (Academic Module).

I am posting this especially for everyone who’s either preparing or planning to take the IELTS test.
Trust me guys it does seem extremely easy at times, it being just an English language test, but that’s not the case.
I don’t mean to scare you guys off. But the thing is at least a month of proper and dedicated practice is a must if you plan to get yourself a higher band score of, say, 7.5 plus.

I hardly studied for the Listening, the Writing & Speaking were great, but trust me READING is the one which is the most difficult part.
I don’t know whether or not this would be the best way to reach out to the exam authorities, or at least if someone could help me do the same, it would be great.

I would definitely like to ask them a few things, to bring this to their attention, suggesting changes to the way the tests are taken.
Firstly, the IELTS test being an English language test, checks your capacity to understand, listen and respond to spoken and written English, at a much higher level, then why is it that the READING test had so much of technical stuff?

In the test which I just took, the reading part was really difficult. I mean having studied in English all my life and calling myself a voracious reader, I was surprised I couldn’t crack the QA in the reading tests, I just couldn’t make head or tail of what the paragraphs were all about, forget answering them in the given time span.

Instead had the paragraphs been purely based on a common or a social topic with an increasing level of difficulty, that would solve the purpose of testing a person’s reasoning as well as logical skills along with understanding of English as medium of instruction. Why is it that the paragraphs are so subject specific?

In conclusion, I would suggest all the aspiring IELTS students to really practice hard for your reading tests.

Waiting for my results. Wish all you guys good luck.”

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