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Recent IELTS exams

Real students tell about their recent IELTS exams: IELTS questions, topics, tasks, answers.

Update from General IELTS exam, Sydney, Australia

This is what our friend A. from Sydney, Australia has told us about his IELTS exam – thanks, A!
IELTS test in Sydney, Australia

I dont remember much about the Listening and the Reading sections, except that it was as we normally practiced, nothing special.


Task 1 (Letter)
Write a letter to a friend you met on a trip and ask him to send you some photographs of that trip

Task 2 (Essay)
Do you think that children should be given freedom to do whatever they want or parents should impose restriction on them? Discuss both sides and present your opinion.


General questions

Describe a book youve recently read

Questions about birthday, books, museums

Update from General IELTS exam, Ireland

This is what our friend T from Ireland remembers about his IELTS exam – thanks, T!
IELTS test in Ireland

The listening test was not difficult as I thought it would be. There were four sections:
1) The first was regarding a filling a form.
2) Section two was to fill a map.
3) Third was a conversation
4) The final section was a speech given in a university.


The reading paper was a bit different from what I expected.
1) The first section was to write true or false.
2) The second section was regarding a description of five buildings The task was to match a sentence with a passage.
3) Third was to write answers
4) The fourth, a bit difficult, was regarding New Zealand’s natural power resources. The questions were bases on selecting the correct answer, matching the names of persons relating to the statements from the passages. It was not too difficult but you had to know the passage very well to answers the questions.


Task 1 (Letter)
Write a complaint letter about an incident that happened in the airport.

Task 2 (Essay)
The essay was regarding the old people, what is the better way for old people to live, with their family or separately or with the same old aged people.

The IELTS-blog helped me a lot with my writing. The sample essays gave me a good idea how to build up my ideas. As I mentioned before I am not good in my writing. The only problem was how to plan out the structure. But after I read what other people had written, it helped to me to think and to write.