IELTS Speaking questions from 2 recent exams

Thanks to a couple of nice people from Jedda, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia we have 2 sets of Speaking test questions, here they are:

Speaking Test 1

– Tell me your full name
– What should I call you?
– Where are you from?
– Can you tell me something about your home / apartment?
– What improvement for your home you think needs to be done?
– When was the last time you went out with your friends?
– Do you prefer to go out alone or with friends?

Cue card
You should speak about a special toy you got as a child
– describe the toy
– tell why it was so important to you.

– Do you think toys should be shared by children?
– What do you think is the impact of sharing toys between children?
– What can you tell about toys before and toys nowadays?
– How would a toy help in the development of children?

Speaking Test 2

– What is your name?
– Where do you stay?
– Tell me about the area you live in.
– Do you like to stay there, why?
– Any public transport available in your area?
– Do you drive? If yes, why?
– Do you want your children to drive in future?
(I was quite shocked to be asked about 10-13 questions during my 1st interview.)

Cue card
I was asked to talk about my trip which was not up to my expectations and say:
– what happened,
– what did I do and
-what was my feeling.
( I finished it in less than 2 minutes and frankly I didn’t encounter any such bad experience before.)

I was asked question about the tourist industry, the impacts of it, both positive and negative, future tourists, etc.

IELTS exam in Abu Dhabi, UAE – June 2009 (Academic Module)

Everyone, IELTS questions from recent exam in UAE – thanks to our generous friend R. Here goes:

Listening Test

Section 1: A caller getting details regarding an exhibition to be held in Toronto That was an easy section & we were required to fill in the blanks etc. The rest of the recording was about the Quarantine Services in Australia. Multiple choice questions.

Section 2: There was a discussion between two students and a teacher regarding deciding which course to enroll.

Section 3: This was about information on Red Sea Urchins.

Reading Test

This part was comparatively lengthy & not too easy.

Passage 1: Detailed information on steps taken by some research organization on drinking water. Questions: filling in blanks, multiple choice questions, True / False / Not Given questions.

Passage 2: Very detailed passage on Bitterns. Questions: choosing headings for the paragraphs, multiple choice questions, short answers (no more than three words).

Passage 3: Topic on Risking change. Questions: choosing appropriate heading, short answer questions, multiple choice questions.

Writing Test

Writing Task 1 (report)
There was a table representing the percentage of young people from the age 15 to 21 years, employed in different sectors in the years 1997 and 2005 in one region of Oceania. We had to write a comparative report based on the table.

Writing Task 2 (essay)
Maintaining public libraries today is a waste of money with the present increase in the computer technology. Do you agree or disagree with the system?

Speaking Test

The examiner started with some general questions about myself, where I stayed and my family. Then he asked
– What is the change that you suggest for the present accommodation?
– What is your favorite room in the house?
– Do you enjoy traveling?
– What country would you like to visit?
– Did you start cooking when you were in school?
– Do you enjoy cooking?
– What is the dish that you can cook best?
– Do you think that students should be allowed to cook while at school?

Cue card
Tell me about a famous historical place that you have visited:
– where is it located?
– what is it about that place that interests you the most?


Then I was asked:
– Some of the famous historical places in my country & where they are located.
– Do you think people have stopped visiting these historical places and museums nowadays?
– Are you okay with purchasing tickets in order to visit these historical places and museums?
– Where else besides the Internet can you get information about history?
– Do you think TV is a good medium to convey the message?
– What about films, do you think they give complete information about the event?
– How far do you think the information is true?



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