More recent Speaking questions

This is the last set of IELTS Speaking topics and questions I’ve receive in February. Fresh ones from March are coming soon.

Speaking test 1

– Do you study or work? (I said I was a student)
– What course are you studying and why did you choose this course?
– Who does the cooking in your home?
– Can you cook?
– Do you think it’s necessary to learn how to cook at school?
– What do you do when you hang out with friends?
– Do you hang out with 1 or 2 friends or with a large group of friends?
– When was your last time of going out?

Cue Card
If you could take another course when you finish your current one, what would you choose? You should say:
– What kind of course it would be
– What do you want to learn from it
– Why would you choose it

– Do you think university should only offer courses related to the employment/job or courses on other topics as well?
I said on other topics as well and the examiner said “Good” then asked me
– Which do you think employer should pay more attention to, the qualifications or the experience.

Speaking test 2

The questions were about my city, what I liked about it and whether I liked partying.

Cue Card
Describe a house you have been too (not your own house), you should say:
– Why you liked it,
– Where it was,
– Who you’ve been there with

My examiner then asked me some questions about our buildings, do I think it matters how buildings looked, new or old. She ended the questions by asking whether I thought it was ok that the government maintained old buildings.

And here are some topics that appeared frequently in the exams last month:

– Childhood Toy
– Historical place
– Famous speech
– TV program
– Cooking
– Healthy lifestyle
– Traffic problems

IELTS recent Speaking topics and questions

This is a collection of the Speaking topics from February, that were sent to me by a couple of caring students. You can find more recent Speaking topics and questions here.

Speaking test 1

Do you study or work? (I said I recently graduated)
What did you study?
Do you like that subject?
Why do you like it?
Why did you choose this particular subject?

Cue card
I had to talk about some interesting news I read in a newspaper
– when did this happen?
– what was the news about?
– why was it interesting?

We talked about the marketing of the newspapers in my country:
– How do they market themselves in order to increase sales?
– What marketing practices do they use?
– Do I think that some newspapers put a spin on the real story to increase sales?

Then we talked about TV programs in comparison to radio programs, what are the differences
– In terms of news, do they talk about the same news?
And finally he asked me “in the future, do you think people will read news on internet?” and ” what is the advantage and the disadvantage of using the internet”.

Speaking test 2

– Where do you live
– Describe your city and your immediate area
– What are your leisure time activities

Cue Card
Describe any law which you like,
– explain what law that is,
– how you will follow it,
– what you like the most about it

What international law should be applied all over the world?
Are policemen popular in your country?
Who are more popular, the layers or the police?



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