IELTS letter, topic: ask the college principal for information about a scholarship (from Ace the IELTS book)

This letter was written on a topic from “Ace the IELTS” book (page 41, reprinted with permission).

You are a student who wants to apply to the Green Pines College. You are experiencing financial problems at the moment.

Write a letter to the Principal of the College explaining your situation and ask for information on scholarships or other means of financial help available.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you in regard to scholarships available at the Green Pines College.

Your college is the top of due to its unique reputation, and for that reason I prepared all the required paperwork well before the start of admission process. Even though I believe my likelihood of being accepted is quite high, one challenge might prevent me from enrolling. I was hoping you could guide me in order to overcome it and achieve my goal of studying at your college.

At present I have no source of income to cover tuition fees and study-related expenses. I found myself in this situation for a reason beyond my control: my entire savings were lost in the latest stock market crash.

I am, therefore, writing to request information about any available scholarships that your distinguished college may offer. I am aware of the fact that you often offer some sort of scholarships to cover study costs, at least partially.

In case you do not offer any scholarships, I would appreciate any advice to help me secure the required funds for my study.

I am looking forward to .

Yours faithfully,

Richard Jones

All the requirements of the task were covered well. The points listed in task statement were sufficiently addressed, with ideas in a logical order and cohesion maintained. The paragraphing is appropriate. The writer used a wide range of vocabulary in a skillful and effortless way; errors are very rare in this letter. Overall, this work seems worthy of Band 8.

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list of institutions where I’d like to study
‘your response’ or ‘your reply’

IELTS Letter, topic: Invite a friend to your new house

You have recently moved to a different house/apartment. Write a letter to an English speaking friend. In your letter:

– Explain why you have moved
– Describe the new house/apartment
– Invite him/her to pay you a visit.

Dear Amber,

I hope this letter finds you and your family all well. I’m writing to tell you that I’ve just moved to a new apartment.

As you know, my old apartment needed to be renovated, but the landlord refused several times to allocate money for . Also, quite small for my family to live in as it one bedroom only. At present, I have 2 children, who need 2 more bedrooms, a study room, and a wider area to play in.

My new apartment consists of 3 bedrooms, a comfortable living room, and a wonderful terrace, where my children can play safely. I’ve a suitable study room, where I can work in a quiet environment. All the interior, the paint on the walls and ceramic floors are a marvelous condition, so no more maintenance is needed.

It’d be a great idea with your family next weekend to see it. Let’s spend some exciting moments together and enjoy watching new movies in the living room. and let me know as soon as you can.

Please pass on my best wishes to your family.

All the best,


All the requirements of the task were covered well. The bullet points were all sufficiently addressed. The ideas were presented in a logical order and all aspects of cohesion were taken care of well. The paragraphing was handled suitably and appropriately. Some more advanced vocabulary was used in a clever way, with only occasional errors or inaccuracies in word choice. Most sentences are error-free. Overall, seems worthy of Band 8.

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using ‘this purpose’ here will help you avoid repetitive use of ‘renovation’ and ‘renovated’
it was becoming
for you to come
‘Why don’t you think of it’ would sound more polite


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