IELTS essay, topic: Nowadays families move to different countries for work and some think it has a negative effect on children (agree/disagree)

Nowadays families move to different countries for work. Some people think it has a negative effect on children, while others disagree. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Recent advancements, in technology and transportation in particular, are reshaping our world in an unprecedented manner. Nowadays, it is not unusual for people to work abroad. Most expatriates relocate their families to the countries . Some people argue that this phenomenon negatively affects children, however, I agree with those who believe the opposite is true.

Those who think that relocating children to a new place is undesirable do so for many reasons. Their most common argument is the negative impact of moving on a child’s personality. There is no doubt that living in a different community comes with its challenges, especially to young people, as they get exposed to behaviours, actions and customs they might not be familiar with. As a result, children could possibly feel a lack of stability and some confusion. It is also likely that their patriotic feelings and sense of belonging to their home country could weaken as they would miss many opportunities to celebrate their national events.

Nevertheless, I firmly believe that opinion to be ludicrous, as it seems that getting exposed to a new culture is beneficial in many ways. It fosters young social and emotional capabilities. Moreover, children living abroad have better opportunities to and practice new languages. Mastering more than one language improves not only their intellectual development, but also their opportunities in acquiring better jobs in the future. According to a recent study published by the University of Chicago, competency in more than one language increases employment chances on average by 200%.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that living in a different country positively affects children in all aspects. Acquiring new languages, and an open minded and tolerant personality are just few examples of the many possible benefits.

This essay presents a well‐developed position that addresses all parts of the task prompt. The writer’s ideas are relevant and well‐supported. The arrangement of information and use of cohesive devices are fine, perhaps with a slight overuse in the second body paragraph. Sentence structures are complex, and the vocabulary is varied and appropriately used, except for some minor grammatical/spelling mistakes. This essay seems worthy of IELTS Band 8.

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where they work
‘learn’ is the correct spelling

IELTS essay, topic: Some people believe that preserving natural environment is crucial, but make no effort to do so (reasons and solutions)

Some people believe that preserving natural environment is crucial, however, most make no effort to do so. Why do you think this is happening? What are some simple actions that could help the environment?

It is commonly believed that preservation of natural resources is imperative, yet most people seem to exert no effort in doing so. Understanding the causes of this negligent attitude may help with devising some simple measures to safeguard the deteriorating environment.

Lack of awareness is probably the foremost reason why the vast majority of individuals appears to be unmindful of the current environmental issues. Normally, people have tendency to downplay abstract problems, or those to happen in the distant future. This is because they are not properly informed of the possible detrimental effects of taking the environment for granted. To illustrate, residents in urban areas often deliberately dump their into the nearby creeks and drainage canals causing them to become clogged. It is only when devastating floods strike, that they come to realize the consequences of their actions.

Some basic solutions that could be carried out are extensive awareness through all forms of communication and strict implementation of waste management. In addition to the traditional press, social media is a powerful means of disseminating information regarding the impending disasters and their potential hazards. This is a good way of persuading the public to actively take part in the campaign. Another straightforward solution, and by far the least anyone can do to help save the nature is disposing of garbage thoughtfully. Apart from avoiding throwing trash anywhere, everyone should practice proper segregation of biodegradable, non-biodegradable, and recyclable wastes at all times. These actions, when coordinated by the local governments, can be tremendously successful.

In conclusion, while individual awareness is key to maintaining a healthy ecosystem, concerted efforts of governments and are much more effective in achieving such goal.

The response is well written, it contains reasons, solutions and fully addresses the task. The ideas aren’t repeated, they are conveyed in a clear and easy to understand manner and organised well with sufficient use of cohesive devices. The vocabulary is varied, sentence structures are complex and instances of incorrect grammar are hardly noticeable. Overall, this essay is likely to achieve Band 8 in IELTS.

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that are likely
waste is uncountable here and should not be in plural
plural form ‘campaigns’ should be used here
‘general public’ is more suitable here as ‘citizen’ is a word that relates to a country, not a government


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