IELTS essay, topic: Childcare training courses should be mandatory for all parents (agree/disagree)

Childcare training courses should be mandatory for all parents. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give your own opinion and include relevant examples.

It is true that parents need some knowledge and experience in order to raise their in an appropriate way. In this regard, many families attend different training courses. While I agree that these courses might be useful for some of them, I totally disagree with the recommended obligatory of such training.

On the one hand, training courses usually offered by governments could be very useful for those guardians who have a with special needs. For example, if a child has a birth defect or has been diagnosed with any mental or musculoskeletal disorders, these kinds of training could be lifesaving. Additionally, as we know, the first few months after birth are really a crucial period of a child’s life; parents should obtain different information related to their child’s vaccinations, common health problems, different developmental issues and so on, which can be delivered through such training courses.

On the other hand, I believe that making these programs a mandatory option would cause several problems for societies and individuals as well. To begin with, in order to achieve this goal, many professionals should be trained which may not be affordable for some governments. From an individual’s point of view, this kind of programs could be very time-consuming for some families who have other at home or who work long hours. The other important consideration is that parent training courses may not provide all the necessary information for each and every family. To be more specific, parents could get more beneficial information through different websites such as YouTube according to their own preferences.

In conclusion, although I believe that many families can take advantage training courses, I do believe that making them a compulsory option for everyone is too time and money-consuming for individuals and governments.

The introduction is very good and relevant. The writer’s position is balanced, relevantly and properly developed in two body paragraphs. The conclusion summarizes both sides of the argument and logically finished the essay. To maintain the necessary level of formality the word ‘kids’ should be replaced with ‘children’ everywhere in this essay. The use of prepositions needs more attention as some are inappropriate or incorrect. The length could be reduced – it’s not necessary to write a very long essay to get a higher score, and often it is better to write a shorter essay (no shorter than 250 words though!) but spend more time proofreading, correcting errors and improving the quality of writing. Overall this essay is likely to score Band 8 in IELTS.

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use the word ‘children’ to maintain the necessary level of formality in your essay
‘nature’ or ‘character’ is the right word to use here
‘as’ isn’t needed here
using the word ‘compulsory’ will help to avoid repetition of ‘mandatory’
use ‘children’ to maintain formality
‘of’ is the right preposition to use here
‘as’ isn’t needed here

IELTS essay, topic: Many people believe that reducing speed limits is the best option for road safety improvement (agree/disagree)

Many people believe that reducing speed limits is the best option for road safety improvement. Do you think there are other measures that could be put in place? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this?

One of the most conspicuous trends of today’s world is a colossal surge in the number of vehicle accidents cars, trucks and buses, all over the , be it in impoverished or developed nations. There is a wide range of factors that . In my opinion, this situation could be remedied, provided some effective measures are taken.

Measures to deal with this soaring concern are many; the most significant are not remote or complicated but accessible and practicable. The primary one lies in the fact that governments should take a firm stance and apply stringent rules and regulations to lower the speed limit. Secondly, using electronic devices while driving should be forbidden by law. Finally, an awareness program could be initiated by individuals to educate the public about the catastrophic effects of unsafe roads and the projected enhancements for road safety. Only when convergent efforts from all sectors are ensured, can we expect to see considerable progress in tackling this problem.

There is a deluge of merits for implementation of reduced speed limits. High speed is likely to impose life threatening danger on people crossing the roads, due to the perilous nature of this hazardous speed with danger being an integral part of it. Not only does reducing the speed limits contribute to decreasing daily accidents, but it also raises the standard of driving. Needless to say, all these advantages have a far-reaching impact on pedestrian safety.

There are, however, some pitfalls that can easily overpower the potential benefits of limiting speed. The primary one stems from the fact that slowing the speed could lead to augmenting the daily traffic hours. Besides, it could also delay delivering sick and patients to hospitals. Hence, it is apparent why some individuals are against changing the standardized level of speed.

From what has been discussed, one can conclude that despite the drawbacks of reducing speed limits, the expected benefits of this measure are indeed far greater.

All the parts of the task have been covered fairly well. The response presents a well‐developed position that addresses all parts of the task prompt with suitable, widely covered and thoroughly supported ideas. The range of vocabulary is adequate for the requirements of task response. There are some mistakes in word choice and grammar. Nevertheless, the essay is up to the mark and is likely to score Band 8 in IELTS.

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this word is not necessary here
replace this word with ‘involving’
avoid repetitive use of the same word
the writer means ‘affect this trend’
use ‘solutions’ to avoid repetitive use of ‘one’ in this and the following sentences
‘the’ is not needed here
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