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IELTS preparation tips from winners

IELTS high achievers share their secrets

Here is what helped Leonardo and Shahrzad get Band 7.5 in IELTS

Some people think that personal trial and error is the best way to learn – but we at are great believers in learning from other people’s experiences.

Everyone, meet Leonardo and Shahrzad. Leonardo lives in Italy and speaks Italian, Shahrzad lives in Iran and speaks Farsi, and it it weren’t for IELTS, their names would probably never appear in the same article. But they had to take IELTS and they did really well, scoring Band 7.5! We are very lucky to be able to share their best tips with you today:

Leonardo said,

“First, try to do some full IELTS tests to see which of your skills are better and which are worse. Then work on your weaknesses to try and turn them into your strengths by doing Writing, Speaking, Listening or Reading tests separately, as mini-tests. Have fun and don’t forget to enlarge your vocabulary.”

Best IELTS test result January 2022

Shahrzad said,

“It is necessary to take Reading and Listening tests every day to boost your knowledge in these fields and also learn to manage your time in your exam.

Another useful tip would be writing essays, as many as possible, since the more you write, the more you hone your writing skills. Also try to use a wide variety of sentence structures because it helps you raise your writing score above Band 6.5.

Finally, for Speaking use IELTS-blog’s latest speaking questions that they share kindly in their emails.

Last but not least, I would like to thank my kind-hearted teacher, Ms. Badiozaman, who helped me a lot to succeed. Without her dedication, determination, and discipline I wouldn’t have achieved this score. I wish all IELTS candidates to get their desired score as soon as possible.”

Best IELTS test result January 2022

Successful IELTS candidate from Nigeria shares his strategies for Band 7.5

If you need Band 7.5 in IELTS, Promise has some advice for you. When we announced the winners of our monthly IELTS results competition and invited them to share their best tips, he was quick to tell us how he scored Band 7.5 – and how YOU can, too. Promise said,

“First things first, I would like to express my intense gratitude to Simone Braverman and the entire team for granting me the opportunity to hold my head high along with the other IELTS results competition winners.

In my opinion, this exam is more of a game than an exam, and if you have the right set of strategies, you will excel. I came across website some days prior to my exam, and I decided to follow their tips and strategies. It would be a burden on my conscience if I didn’t recommend their books to the other candidates.

For the Reading module: read the questions before moving on to the passage in order to get a quick glimpse of the passage, skim and scan as quickly as you can, however, don’t waste too much time on any particular question. Try to complete as much Cambridge past exams as you can, and lastly, be optimistic from the start of the module to the end.

For the Writing module: write as much as you can before the test date! Always plan your answer before you start writing. Ensure that you have a paragraph for every main point and always provide some supporting details to back up your main points. Do not forget to write your conclusion in every essay. Also, never forget to write your thesis statement so that the examiner won’t find it hard to go through your work.

For the Listening module: my biggest advice to all candidates is to conquer their fears of the accent the speaker might have! Listen to popular English radio stations like BBC, CNN and so on. Try to go over as many listening practice tests as you can. Never fall prey to the speaker, because sometimes they correct themselves!

Lastly, the Speaking module: I, for one, used to be petrified at the thought of having a one-on-one conversation with a native speaker, up until I came across this blog. When speaking to yourself, always speak in English! Watch a lot of foreign movies, and try to imitate their way of speaking. On the test day, make sure you ponder over your answer before responding to the examiner, to avoid confusion during your speech. Don’t be nervous, instead see the examiner as a close friend you’re communicating with.

I may not be perfect, but I hope this helps someone whose test date is pending!’

Best IELTS test result December 2021