IELTS Band Score Calculator

IELTS-Blog proudly presents a new hot feature:

  • IELTS Band Score calculator
  • This nice addition is something I always wanted but never had. It converts the number of correct answers in the Listening or Reading sections of the IELTS test to approximate Band Score. You will find it very helpful when practicing in solving IELTS exam papers; it saves you some time of calculating the exam result yourself.

    But enough said – one picture is worth a million words, check it out right here.

    Another useful calculator will work out your Overall IELTS Band score for you, using the scores in all the individual sections (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking) – give it a try here.

    Enjoy and tell your friends!

    And now after you had the chance to check your score, here is a way to improve it:

    1. Read texts from this list of sources (the passages are of Academic IELTS difficulty)

    2. Practice using these Academic Reading tasks.

    3. Practice using these General Training Reading texts.

    4. Another bunch of Academic and General Training Reading and Listening tasks here.

    Listening: The right way to answer

    Continuing the previous post, here comes

    Listening Tip # 4 – Answer as you listen

    What I mean here is that you need to listen and write the answer at the same time.
    Make no mistake – it is not a very natural thing for you, so you have to practice a lot doing this.

    The reason you have to “answer as you listen” is that you immediately forget the sentences after you have heard them. This is what the stress, listening to foreign language and constant flow of information do – they make you forget. After hearing the third sentence you won’t be able to repeat the first. It means that when any part of the Listening test is over – you won’t be able to remember any of the answers.

    So write them as you hear them, leave nothing for later.



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