IELTS Speaking test in Singapore – November 2011

Below are the questions that M remembered from his Speaking exam in Singapore.

Speaking test IELTS test in Singapore


– Tell me about yourself.
– What are you doing, studying or working?
– Do you like your job?
– Why do you like your job?

Cue Card

Describe a job that would suit you the most. Please say

– How did you come to know about this job?
– Who can work in this field?
– Why is this job useful?


– Factories create a lot of pollution. Do you have an idea how to protect the environment?
– Is it possible to protect the environment completely from pollution?

IELTS test in Australia – November 2011 (General Training)

The IELTS exam below was shared by our kind friend D from Australia. He didn’t remember anything about the Reading or Listening, but here are the questions from the Writing and Speaking sections:

Writing task 1 (a letter) IELTS test in Australia

You have purchased some furniture on advice of a sales person from the shop. After receiving the package you were not happy with it. Write a letter to the manager of that shop and say

– What happened at the time of purchase?
– Who advised you about this furniture?
– What is wrong with the package?
– Suggest how the problem could be solved.

Writing Task 2 (an essay)

More and more people nowadays are showing interest in achieving success in the fields such as music, movies and sports. These people can sometimes be from an ordinary background. Do you think it is a positive development? Give reasons from your daily life.

Speaking test


Standard interview questions.

Cue Card

Talk about the best conversation you have had on the phone with somebody, please say

Who did you talk to?
What was the conversation about?
Why was this conversation the best you’ve ever had?


– What are the important ways of communicating with others?
– Is it better to write letters, to send emails or to send text messages? Why?
– Explain the differences between these ways of communication.
– What are the benefits of using mobile phones for certain organizations? Why?



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