IELTS in Iran and Kazakhstan – October 2009 (Academic Module)

IELTS exams in Iran and Kazakhstan were the same, so I am told by A. and E., who managed to describe very well their topics and questions they were asked. Many thanks for these wonderful people for sharing. Enjoy!

Listening test

The listening test recording was identical to the one from IELTS in Dubai, the UK and France.

Note: The last section was a bit tricky, because the conversation had a pause and people though that the recording was moving on to the next group of questions – when indeed it wasn’t.

Reading test

Passage 1: The invention of clock in various countries.
Questions: Headings matching, labeling a diagram.

Passage 2: Coral reefs, where they are, what do they consist of and their impacts on economy of local people.
Questions: True / False, Matching headings, Multiple choice questions.

Passage 3: About paintings and whether what we see in a picture reflects the characteristics of painter or not.
Questions: True / False / Not given, Matching titles to paragraphs and Multiple choice questions.

Writing test

The writing tasks were exactly as the ones in IELTS in France in the UK.

Speaking test

– Introduce yourself.
– What do you do, work or study?
– Why did you choose this subject?
– Do you need extra courses if you want to work? Why?
– Is swimming popular in your country?
– Do you think schools should teach children how to swim?

Cue card from Kazakhstan
Talk about the course you would like to take, you should say:
– What kind of course is that?
– Why would you choose this course?
– How easy would it be for you?

Cue card from Iran
Talk about the latest book that you have read, you should say
– Who recommended it?
– What was it about?
– What did you learn from it?
– Would you recommend it to others?

– Why men and women choose to read different types of books?
– Why adults read books for fun?
– Do you think e-books will replace the way we read now?
– How can we encourage people to read?
– What is the role of the Internet in reading, does it help to encourage people to read?

IELTS in France and the UK – October 2009 (Academic Module)

IELTS exams in France and the UK were the same, according to A. and J. who kindly shared the contents of their exams (many thanks!). It’s always great to have several people describe the same exam, because topics that one person can’t remember the others complete. I combined their descriptions and here is the outcome:

Listening test

The listening test recording was identical to the one from IELTS in Dubai.

Reading test

Passage 1: About research conducted on the positive effects of Mozart’s music.
Passage 2: Work related stress and how to reduce it.
Passage 3: It was to do with languages and how babies can detect different accents, etc.

Writing test

Writing task 1 (a report)
We had a line graph and a bar chart. Line graph showed the number of new UK graduates in London from 1992 to 2002. The bar chart highlighted where they were employed in 1992, 1997 and 2002.

Writing task 2 (an essay)
Some people think that criminals must be punished for their crimes. There are few other hypotheses that even after being punished for the crimes they still commit crimes in a more vigorous manner. What steps should be taken to stop these crime rates? What do you suggest?

Speaking test

– What is your full name?
– Where are you staying?
– Will you stay in this place for a long time?
– Why do you prefer to stay in this place? Any specific reason?
– Do you like vegetables or fruit?
– Is it necessary that we eat vegetables?
– Did you like vegetables when you were a child?
– Do you like to watch movies at home or in a movie theater?

Cue card
Talk about a movie you watched recently, you should say:
– Where did you watch the movie?
– What was your reason for watching this movie?
– How was the movie useful to you?
– What kind of movie was it?

– Do you like paintings?
– Do you think that children should be taught how to draw?
– Would you buy a painting?
– How the movies that you watch today are different, compared to the movies you watched when you were a child?
– Did you watch any children’s movies such as Harry Potter?
– Who is your favorite actor?
– Are educational movies important?



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