IELTS exam in Pakistan – February 2009 (General Training)

This short update was brought to me by M who sat IELTS in Pakistan, many thanks.

Listening test

This module was excellent and quite easy.

Reading test

Don’t remember the topics, but in general it felt very, very tough.

Writing test

Writing task 1 (letter)
Write a letter to a local NGO (charity organization) and ask how you can join that organization.

Writing task 2 (essay)
Some people think that fast food is changing our eating and social habits. Discuss, what is your opinion.

Speaking test

I felt relaxed during my speaking session, but a strange thing happened: for some reason my examiner was in a hurry and never let me finish my explanations. It confused me and I hope that my performance didn’t suffer. In the cue card section I don’t think they even gave me a full minute.

Cue card
Describe a TV or a radio program that you talk about most of the time with your friends or family

The questions were about electronic media

IELTS Letter, topic: Asking for information about an executive event

You are organizing an executive event for the company you work for.
Task: Write a letter to the person in charge of a venue that you are considering for the event and ask for detailed information regarding dates, services and costs.

Dear Sir,

I am writing to ask for information about organizing an executive event at your venue.

My name is Marcio, I work for a multinational company, and we need to prepare an event that will be held on December 17. I would like to obtain the information :

1. How many people can your club ?
2. What kind of food you serve?
3. Is there any special service ?
4. What time can we start the event?
5. Do you have any kind of “animation service” to offer?
6. How much do you charge for your services?
7. Do you offer any transportation?
8. Is there anything else included in your ?

I to receive this information before October, because I need to prepare the department in charge of the event and invite the participants. You can send me this information via fax, to the number +55 (21) 3422-9559, or email me at : I am confident that your company will provide us with the best type of service we need, based on abundance of good reviews about your company.

Yours faithfully,
Marcio Marinho

This is a good letter. It covers the task, is correctly structured, and you used the appropriate style and vocabulary. There are some sentences that need a change in structure (see comments underlined in blue) and there are also repetitions of the same word, which should be avoided. Overall, this looks like a Band 6.5 – 7 letter.

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available for the disabled
the word service repeats too many times – use a synonym
would like


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