Update from an Academic IELTS exam, Vietnam

For this report we thank Thoai – good job, pal!

Listening test

Section 1. A simple form for students’ work placement (including the address, background, previous experiences, etc).
Section 2. Don’t remember.
Section 3. Time management.
The recording was very clear and slow. All the questions were multiple choice.
Section 4. Don’t remember.

Reading test

Passage 1. The effects of Mozart’s music on our brains, pros and cons.
Passage 2. Science researchers using data collected by amateurs.
Passage 3. About the effects that the development of modern technologies has caused.

Writing test

Writing Task 1 (a report)

We were given a table about the percentage of population that lives in cities in 5 countries and worldwide in 1975, 2002 and 2015 (predicted).

Writing Task 2 (an essay)

In most countries, the number of plant and animal species is declining. What is causing this? What can we do to correct the situation?

Speaking test


– A simple introduction & some questions about the place where I live.

Cue card

Talk about a website that you found useful.


– Talk about the role of the Internet in today’s society.

What can IELTS Gym do for me?

Many people have written to me asking to explain about the IELTS Gym, so this is what I am going to do here.

For those of you who wonder what IELTS Gym is, the answer is – it’s a training program. After you’ve read the tips and learned the techniques to handle IELTS tasks, the very next step is to practice as much as possible. For people who have very little time to study IELTS Gym offers online exercises that allow you to quickly get in shape before your exam. For students who need to improve their Band Score, there are courses at 3 levels of difficulty, designed to help you get a better score. To use them, all you need is a computer with Internet access (broadband or dial up – doesn?t matter) and speakers or headphones (easy, ha?).

You can see exactly what you get in IELTS Gym by using these free samples of real lessons that are included in the training program.

To start training in the IELTS Gym

1) First, choose a course from this list (or click on Courses in the menu of IELTS Gym).

2) Then, click on “Buy Now” button and fill the sign-up form – to get yourself a username and a password for the Training Room.

3) After you’ve done that, an activation email with subject “Student Signup” will be sent to you. Open it and click on the confirmation link inside – to confirm your membership.

4) Log in using your username and password (in the left side-bar, via “Members” menu). You will see empty list of courses – because you haven’t bough anything yet.

5) Click on Courses in the upper menu, choose a course and click on “Buy” button -> then on “Confirm” and go through the payment process until you reach the page that says “Thank you, your payment was successful”.

6) The course you bought will appear in the Training room in your list of courses – click on its link and start training!



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