Success in IELTS – what’s involved

If I had a dollar for every email I’ve received which was saying “My IELTS is in 3 weeks and I need a Band 7 in every section, what should I do?” – would I be a rich person! This is the main question of any student – how do you succeed in IELTS in such a short time?

My answer is – there are 2 stages to this process. Stage one: learn the techniques to handle tasks in a fast and efficient way. This part is mostly theoretical – and you all know that theory alone is never enough. At stage two you practice and use all of those techniques to solve as many tasks, answer as many questions, and write as many essays, letters and reports as possible.

For a long time the IELTS-Blog was focusing more on the techniques and less on practicing – but not any more!

Have a look at IELTS-Blog’s “younger brother” – IELTS Gym. The idea of this site is very simple – you go there to practice and get in shape before the IELTS exam. Like any gym, it has training programs and sets of exercises you do online, each with immediate feedback. Every skill is covered: the reading, writing, listening and speaking. All you need to use IELTS Gym is Internet access and speakers or headphones.

Enough said – check it out. Make sure you don’t miss the free samples!

Update from a General IELTS exam, UK

We received this update from the UK – many thanks, Hemank!

Writing test

Writing Task 1 (a letter)
This is not the exact wording of the examination, but anyway –
You are in an English speaking country, write a letter to the head of a voluntary organization to apply for some voluntary work. In your letter
– explain what you can offer the organization
– how the job would benefit you and
– why you are applying for the job

Writing Task 2 (an essay)

Nowadays people are choosing unhealthy foods (fast foods), which cause various health problems. Explain what is done in you country to deal with this problem and what actions is the government taking to solve it.

Speaking test

Cue Card

Talk about the person whom you like speaking to the most. Please say
– who the person is
– what you talk about
– why you like speaking to this person


– What do you think about communication?
– How important is it?
– How important is communication in an organization?



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