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News flash: IELTS breaks the 1.5 million tests record, IELTS-Blog follows closely

If you haven’t heard, IELTS has officially become the most popular high stakes English test. Quoting from the press release on IELTS.Org website,

“IELTS has cemented its position as the world’s most popular high stakes English language test with latest figures revealing a record 1.5 million tests were taken around the world in 2010.”

“North America followed by the Philippines and Hong Kong experienced the largest growth over the year, whilst China, Australia and India continue to retain their positions as the largest markets for IELTS.”

And do you know what I personally find amazing?

That out of those 1.5 million test takers, 1.089 million used in their exam preparation in 2010.

This basically means that out of every 4 people who took the IELTS test 3 were browsing through No matter where they live, and no matter what language they speak. These folks have downloaded the unimaginable number of 9.5 million pages in 2010 and spent collectively 136,091 hours browsing through the same website you are reading now.

How did they find us? Most people just Googled “IELTS” and saw in the search results, others came through our Facebook page, and many just heard about us through “word of mouth”. The “how” doesn’t really matter – but the fact that we were able to help that many people fills my heart with an overwhelming joy. I can only hope that we can break this record in 2011 and help even more people achieve their dreams of a better life for themselves and their families.

I invite every reader of to spread the word and recommend it to their friends who are about to embark on their IELTS journey.

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