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The IELTS book for everyone

Two days ago I received a letter that broke my heart. It was telling a story of such a hard life, full of struggle, that I cried reading it.

This guy told me that his success in IELTS is critical to his immigration but he cannot afford “Ace The IELTS” book. I felt that I must help him. But then I thought that he is not the only one – every reader of IELTS-blog could find himself (or herself ) in the same situation.

So the price Is Going DOWN!

Here is your chance to buy “ACE The IELTS” instead of $34.97 for just $19.97. This window is open for 2 weeks only.

Click here, order and start studying RIGHT NOW, because the future can’t wait!

1 thought on “The IELTS book for everyone”

  1. I didn’t expect that the social issue will be asking in IELTS test.I took my test on 8 July,2000.I did well in Listening,Reading and Speaking. Luckily, I got a simple topic about noisy and working-hours,overtime and people who suppose to meet if I have a choice.The other item in Section 3 of speaking is how people at younger age have different style or mean compare to the adult.

    Unfortunately, Writing section Task 2 argumented essay is very tough and to think the main ideas.”What are the causes of younger people less respect to the oldest and how it can be effected to the society. I was given three main idea say mass-media factors,parents do not teach their children and affect by peers-group. I’m also include the effect of this phenomena into every paragraph of my main idea. I do not is it true but I think it is hard to discuss some of possible effects into another paragraph.

    I wrote it about 3 pages with my normal writing style.Every lines are suit for 7 words only. My conclusion is quite good because I stress my stand on that topic. But I only got 5.0 band for this writing section.Oh slack on writing and I’d like to make Enquiry of Result and I have to pay for it even I just want to enquiry only about writing section but I have to pay for all, the cost is approximately to the cost of retake the IELTS.

    What do you think guys?

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