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How the Overall IELTS Band Score is calculated

How To Calculate Your Overall IELTS Band Score

Last Updated: February 24, 2023

I am getting asked this question very often, which is why we created an IELTS Overall Score Calculator you can use.

For those who need to understand the process in detail – here is how the IELTS test centre calculates your overall band score:

Total score = (Listening score + Reading score + Writing score + Speaking score) / 4

For example, if you’ve received Listening 6, Reading 7, Writing 8, Speaking 7, your total score will be (6+7+8+7) / 4 = 7.

Your score can be either a whole band or a band and a half – for example 7 or 7.5. No other fractions are allowed, for example no 7.25 or 7.75.

So what do they do in such cases, when the total score is neither whole nor half band?

There is a rule: if it ends with .25, round up to the nearest half score, and if it ends with .75, round up to the nearest whole band score.

To demonstrate, if you’ve received Listening 6, Reading 7, Writing 8, Speaking 6, your overall score will be (6+7+8+6)/4 = 6.75 – the rule says round up – which means you get 7.

Another example: if your scores were Listening 6 Reading 7 Writing 8 Speaking 8, the overall score will be (6+7+8+8)/4 = 7.25 – the rule says round up to half score – which means you get 7.5.

However, if you’ve received Listening 6, Reading 6.5, Writing 6, Speaking 6, your overall score will be (6+6.5+6+6)/4 = 6.125 – the rule says round down to the nearest whole band score – which means you get 6.

Similarly, if you received Listening 6.5, Reading 6.5, Writing 6.5, Speaking 7, your overall score will be (6.5+6.5+6.5+7)/4 = 6.625 – the rule says round down to the nearest half band score – which means you get 6.5.

It’s not too difficult – just remember to apply the rule of rounding.

103 thoughts on “How the Overall IELTS Band Score is calculated”

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  2. If I scored 7 in spkng,rdng,lstng but scored 6.5 in writing then WHT would be my overall band?

  3. Good day,

    We want to apply for permanent residency in Australia or New Zealand.
    Candidate nr. 1 is 42 years of age; Listening:9.0, Reading:6.0 Writing:6.5 and Speaking:9.0. Overall band score:7.5
    Candidate nr.2 is 34 years of age; Listening:6.5, Reading:6, Writing:6,
    Overall band score 6.5

    Do we need to rewrite our ielts exam

  4. Hi Leane, if you’re not sure whether your score is enough for PR, it makes sense to contact a migration agent. They have a great deal of experience with these issues and they are up to date with the latest requirements and changes.

  5. if some one get overall score in ielts academic 5.5 but in one or two module he get 4.5 band than can he get addmission in university into undergraduate program..

  6. I have completed master degree in history subject with 64% marks in may 2018 then how many bands requirement for Canada study visa

  7. You should approach the particular country and university or college. Certain colleges have their own ielts requirements. It changes according to each institutes.

  8. In idp TRf my score over all mention is 5.5 and when I calculate in CLB each module it shows 6.. To whom I refer in ielets TRf mention 5.5,why it’s so

  9. Sir please help , i scored 7.5 in listening, 6.5 in reading, 6.5 in speaking but 6 in writing… If after rechecking .5 increment occur in writing… Will it be 7 now …or still 6.5 overall…please assist asap

  10. Sir my. Overall score is 5.5 nd only in listening I got 6 bands so if I apply for EOR form then in case I’ll get 6 band in one module then my 2 module has 6 bands nd ohter 2 has 5.5. so can I get admission nd visa for Canada

  11. I belive as well as I am confident about English language that I can speak and understand too… unfortunately I got a bad experience in ielts there any option so that I can study abroad.. I m so tired about this kind of exam and all that please help Mee ..

  12. What skill are you considering for your EOR request, Writing or Speaking? There is no point in applying to recheck your Reading, as your answers are compared to a list of correct ones and there is no room for bias or human judgement.

  13. Hello Manjinder, Reading is clerically marked, which means that someone is comparing your answers to a list of correct ones. The score isn’t likely to change as a result of EOR because it’s unlikely that the first marker made a mistake and marked one of your correct answers as incorrect.

  14. My overall score is 6.5 so can i apply for canada study Visa with 5 year study gap or should apply for other country (newzealand).

  15. I was confused about my overall band score.I explained each module marks listening 5.5, reading 5, speaking 6, and writing 6.if I add this overall band that is 22.5/4= 5.625.In my test report form shows overall band score is 5.5. My query is .5 increment in this band score that is 6 because .625 is greater than .5 but band score decrement in test report form.

  16. Hi Tarun, the way you worked out your overall score is correct, it is 5.625. Since the score 5.625 is closer to 5.5 than it is to 6.0, your score was rounded down to 5.5. It doesn’t seem as though IELTS made a mistake.

  17. The ielts band score is calculated from 0 to 9 with .5 increments for instance 5.5 or will be assessed on the basis of an ielts.And I would like to talk about one more query how we calculate overall band score and the ielts chart shows 18-22 which is 5.5 band.And my overall summed up is 22.5

  18. Hi Noleen, you can increase your score in Listening, with a bit of practice. Before you sit the real IELTS test, make sure you are getting enough correct answers for a Band 5 when you’re doing listening practice tests. Just pay attention to the questions you get wrong and you will quickly see what your common mistakes are. You can work on them, fix them and then your score will go up quickly.

  19. Listening 8
    Writing 6.5
    Reading 6
    Speaking 5.5
    Overall 6.5
    If it is possible to transfer it as like listening 7 and speaking 6.5?

    Please help

  20. I’m afraid the individual scores can’t be changed, even if the resulting overall IELTS score is the same. Your certificate will show the exact individual scores you received in your test.

  21. Your overall score will be calculated according to this formula: (5.5 + 5.5 + 6.5 + 5.5)/4 = 5.75 and then it will be rounded up to Band 6.0. Your final score will be 6.0. Hope this helps.

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