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Case study: Band 8 in 15 days

Subhro G., an IELTS test taker from Bangalore, India, says:

IELTS preparation case study “I came across IELTS Blog 15 days before my exam and ordered the Target Band 7 material.

It has been a wise decision!

I got an overall band score of 8 in the Academic IELTS Module.”


Subhro G. is a working professional who also is a family man. He found the exam preparation challenging, especially considering his requirement to obtain Band 7 (not just overall, but 7 in every skill: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking).


Subhro had only 2 weeks to study and needed to get Band 7 in every section of IELTS. He had to combine studying with his busy working schedule and family commitments.


Subhro came to realize that with a goal of scoring band 7 in just 2 weeks of preparation he needed reference material that would give him the differentiating advantage from the average IELTS test taker. He decided to put his trust in “Target Band 7” package.


15 days before IELTS – Subhro bought Target Band 7 and began practicing.

Advantage 1: Subhro was able to concentrate on the areas that had the biggest impact on his performance and scores.


With focused and analytical approach to each component of the IELTS test it is much easier to find weaker skills and to narrow down the weakness to specific question types. Problems are flushed out at the early stages of preparation.

Advantage 2: Subhro was walked through the various IELTS tasks and had enough practice to avoid any surprises in the real test.


The practice tests supplied with the book give the feeling of a real test. The level of difficulty and the variety of tasks are very close to those in the real exam.

Advantage 3: Subhro’s level of confidence grew.


The way the material is written makes a person feel in control and in the driver’s seat, rather than a ‘test victim’.


After the exam

Subhro writes to Simone: “Hi Simone – the exam was good but my writing tasks could have been better! “

IELTS results arrived

Score received: Overall Band 8 – Listening 8.5, Reading 7.5, Writing 7, Speaking 8.

Score needed: Band 7. Subhro overshot his target score by a whole band.

Subhro writes to Simone:

“Dear Simone,

My challenge was preparation time and the minimum qualifier (7 in each component). So I needed a reference material which will give me the differentiating advantage from the average IELTS test taker (who scores 6.5). I came across IELTS Blog 15 days before my exam and ordered the Target Band 7 material. It has been a wise decision ! I scored an overall band score of 8 in the Academic IELTS Module.

If there are test takers like me, who need to balance the multiple demands of work, family and study – I would recommend, that you only go in for IELTS Target Band 7. The investment is worth it.”

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