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IELTS Speaking test in the Philippines – December 2012

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The Speaking topics below were shared by V after an IELTS exam in the Philippines:

Speaking testIELTS test in the Philippines


- What is your full name?
- Do you like to talk on the phone or to send messages? Why?
- Do you study or work?
- What was your major?
- What kind of work are you looking for at the moment?
- How do you usually celebrate your birthday?
- Tell me about your birthday that was the most meaningful to you.
- Do your friends always remember your birthday?

Cue Card

Describe a situation where you had to be very polite. Please say

- What was the situation?
- Why did you have to be polite?
- What did you do to be polite?


- Is being honest always good?
- Tell me in what kind of situation being honest is not a good thing?
- Why would we teach children not to be honest?

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