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IELTS Speaking questions, Australia

Here is another set of Speaking questions from Aussie IELTS test, thanks to A for remembering and sharing:

– What is your full name?
– Do you work?
– What kind of job do you do?
– What kind of courses did you do for the current work that you are doing?
– Do you hope to further your education ?

Cue Card
Talk about an article you recently read in either a magazine or a newspaper,
– Mention the name of this magazine or newspaper.
– What was the article about?
– Why did you remember it?

– Do you think journalists who report on TV are different from those who report on radio or in newspapers and why.
– Why do you think some people listen to radio rather than watching TV or reading newspapers?
– What influence has the media got on the journalists who report on TV or in newspapers?
– What will happen to newspapers in future with the coming of the Internet?
– What do you prefer, reading a newspaper, watching TV,or listening to the radio and why?

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