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Lynette’s IELTS tips for Band 8 in just 21 days

Today’s post is dedicated to Lynette’s success in IELTS.

Band 8 in IELTSLynette is a lovely lady from Zimbabwe. She participated and won in our June IELTS Results competition thanks to her remarkable score. Here is what Lynette did to achieve Band 8 in her exam, and what she recommends to other test takers:

1. First thing first – get the book ‘Target Band 7’ for the Academic exam.

2. Follow the study plan at the back of this book.

3. Be honest with yourself.

Find out what is your weakest area and work on that. For me I knew that Writing Task 2 was going to be a challenge. So I broke it down into the following areas:

– I did practice without timing myself where I just worked on the number of words I wrote. I got questions from the with the answers and worked on just writing.

– Then I checked the word count. It was too much. I spent a few days working on getting the word count down.

– The next step was now working on writing the task within the time given and allowing for editing time.

– After that I worked on Writing Task 1. It was easier to do as I was now aware of the time I had for this task.

– I also read the model answers on and made study notes. I read them as if they were novels. I looked at the vocabulary and looked up 10 new words every day to expand my vocabulary.

For listening I listened to the practice tests’ audio recordings that come with ‘Target Band 7’.

I studied earnestly from January. I had bought other IELTS materials but I found that all that I really needed was in the IELTS book which I bought just 21 days before I took the test.

The blog and the book Target Band 7 really helped me. I could not have done it without my friends who were my mock examiners, and also the daily exam updates from IELTS-Blog really helped me.”

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