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Announcing our winners for February

Many of you have been patiently waiting for the winners of our IELTS result competition in February to be revealed. This month we had quite a few winners – 5 students got the highest overall band score of all the submitted results.

And the winners are:

Patel Saiyeda, Band 8.5 (Academic)
Redzwan Khairulnisa, Band 8.5 (Academic)
Nipun Jain, Band 8.0 (General Training)
Mosur Harinee, Band 8.0 (General Training)
Aghazamani Mahwaz, Band 8.0 (General Training)

Congratulations to all, you are right on top of our winners page!

I invite everyone to join the competition and show off your IELTS victory. To become our next winner, click here.

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