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IELTS Results competition winners in July 2017

Today is the day every participant in our monthly IELTS results competition has been waiting for! We’re happy to report that, although many of you were enjoying your IELTS-free summer, we are about to present 11 bright people with a very good reason to celebrate!

Have you ever had doubts about passing IELTS with the score you need? The good news is – it’s not out of reach, it’s definitely possible. Look at these test takers, they made it, and so will you!

Academic Module – 1st placeBand 8 in IELTS

  • Akshi Shah from India, Band 8.5

Academic Module – 2nd place

  • Lahari Umesh from India, Band 8
  • Elizabeth Cherian from India, Band 8
  • Farrukh Shermatov from Uzbekistan, Band 8
  • Nihal Zubair from India, Band 8
  • Karen Eden from Canada, Band 8

Academic Module – 3rd place

  • Kay Yi Chook from Malaysia, Band 7.5

General Training Module – 1st place

  • Harsimran Anand from India, Band 8
  • Nain Pancholi from India, Band 8

General Training Module – 2nd place

  • Viswa Demado from Malaysia, Band 7.5

General Training Module – 3rd place

  • Rajeev Shah from India, Band 7

Congratulations to the winners! A day like this shouldn’t go unnoticed – and so we are sending your certificates of achievement to your emails. Your IELTS results will be displayed in the IELTS-Blog hall of fame – please feel free to show off to your family and friends!

I’m sure everyone is wondering how these lovely people were able to score so well. At the moment we only know that Karen Eden (Band 8) prepared using our book ‘Target Band 7’ and Viswa Demado (Band 7.5) was using ‘Ace the IELTS’.

This is why we’re asking ALL the winners to share their stories of how they prepared and studied, and what helped them achieve success in IELTS. Anything they wish to share will be posted on IELTS-Blog without delay, so everyone can use the same technique and get a better score in their own exam this month.

P.S. IELTS results competition runs every month, and everyone is welcome to participate. Learn how to enroll here.

IELTS high-scorers: “The secret lies in taking NO shortcuts!”

Today we are delighted to share IELTS advice received from two previous months’ competition winners, Vivien-Lisa and Rahul. The interesting fact about it is, they both agree that taking no shortcuts in their IELTS preparation is one of the main reasons why they got the high band scores.

Band 9 in IELTSVivien-Lisa Bermel comes from Germany, she has been speaking German from birth. Lisa received Band 8 in Academic IELTS (with a straight 9 for Listening) and in her winner’s interview mentioned the following points:

“1. Improving your English is a continuous process that takes some time, so be patient.

2. Even though it is hard to find some time next to other daily duties to study the language, there is always an option to practice a little bit every day. I am, for example, reading the news on my phone in English and I started to watch movies and my series in English as well. If the context is to hard to understand, then I just turn the subtitles on.

3. Finally, it is important to speak. I met a lot of people who tried to avoid talking in English as they did not feel comfortable, but if you do not try you cannot improve.”

Rahul Bhavan is a native Malayalam speaker from India, he got Band 7.5 in Academic IELTS. Rahul said:

“There is no secret behind success and one advice from me to all others is – don’t take shortcuts.

For Listening and Reading – practice is the mantra.

For Writing – keep updated with all current and general affairs and train yourself to write both tasks within that one hour time frame. For that practicing is the only way, and check for your mistakes and practice not to repeat the mistakes.

For speaking – watch a lot of English movies and documentaries and try to analyse the pronunciation and usage of the language.”

Congratulations Vivien-Lisa and Rahul on your wonderful IELTS results and a big thank-you for sharing your experience with everyone!



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