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A new way of improving your IELTS score

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I’ve got some very exciting news for you today. On top of all the free IELTS tips for your exam preparation we have created another way to help you. We are going to do something that has never been done before. What could it be?

I’m glad you asked.

The good news is that soon we will open an online course to help people improve their score. And guess what, it will be absolutely free and everyone’s invited to participate.

Here is how this course will help you achieve a higher score: we all know how important it is to influence your examiner in a positive way, to make a good impression, to help them appreciate your work. In other words, your score largely depends on your image in the assessor’s eyes.

This course will reveal the secret, show you how your assessors are thinking, what they are looking at, and how you can build a positive image of yourself in their minds.

There will be 6 lessons prepared by Donna Millen especially for the readers of The lessons are brilliant and will do amazing things for your IELTS score if you study and implement them.

I will let you know when the course begins. See you there!

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